Colts Theatre

Proud to be a part of Covington Middle School Fine Arts Academy in Austin, Texas.

“Most students start middle school as shy children but the theatre program, in particular, helps them find their voice and become self-assured young people ready to engage with their fellow students and to achieve more in their communities. It is my honor to help guide these students through a transition that lasts a lifetime.”
– Erica A. Vallejo, Theatre Director

Thank you to all who auditioned. You did not make this an easy decision for me! There is so much talent here at Covington! While there were many that showed excellence, there are only 20 spaces available for Varsity and 15 for Junior Varsity and things such as teacher recommendations and grades also played a large factor in being selected. Please remember, even if you were not selected for Varsity or J.V. you are encouraged to continue on with Theatre II and audition for the spring musical!


Kaden Reynolds
Noah Enriquez-Torres
Hailey Curtis
Josie Michna
Avery Montoya
Ethan Nixon
Matti Serhus
Sophia Irion
Corinne Castonguay
Sadie Schaeffer
Eilis Cervantes
Mia Lawshae
Pya Sipkowski
Makeda Garcia
Maya Aldridge
Vanessa Sanchez-Castelan
Christian Lopez
Zach Halliday
Harrison Blase
Kenzie Collins
Elyse Garrison
Mia Patterson
Grace Montgomery
Charlie Bailey
Jude Barron
Jackson LeBlanc
Miley Giles
Amara Atikune
Syreeana Kc
Charlie Duhon
Phoneix Muniz
Tallulah Rickstrew
Sophie Scott
Jonah Peyton
Consuelo Standifer
AJ Lee